Human Interest : The Goatherd

Human activities, human motion, human encounter, human expression, human silent and thought. That's all that always makes human to be interesting photos. Or what is often known as Human Interest photos. Human Interest photos, said to be hard, not really, because people are always doing activities anywhere, anytime. Said to be easy, it was not, because we should be able to translate human beings and their activities -are in three dimensions- into two-dimensional images. We should also be able to pour a human expression that should be felt with all the senses into a picture that can only be perceived by the senses of vision. It must be able to evoke emotions, and invite people who saw the photo feel its moments like when we take that picture. For that to be able to produce a good Human Interest photo, other than to come to understand the emotions felt by the object but also must be careful in every moment around us. For an interesting photo often unexpectedly appeared in front of us.
Personally, I love photos related to Photo Journalism including Human Interest. So, from now on, we will share our Human Interest photo every one or two weeks to you. And this is the first one. Please enjoy, and give your comments.

Cheers, Kiwi and Fox.

This photo was taken when our way back from Malang to Yogyakarta, exactly in Ratu Boko temple. He is a goatherd, and he was resting when I took his picture. Under the scorching sun, his wrinkle clearly seen in every inch of his body which was not covered in clothes. And I love his expression when he looked at me, indescribable.

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