Sneaking Into Grocery Store

On a late afternoon in Yogyakarta there was nothing more exciting than sneaking into grocery store. R&B Grill Indoguna meatshop & grocery store, is a world of imported foods and meats, variety of fresh breads (from Baguette, Focaccia until Turkish bread), various types of pasta, cheeses, chips and snacks and beautiful flowers and all kinds of imported foods that you will not find in any regular grocery in Yogyakarta. They also have a nice restaurant at the back of this shop (which people said the food was delicious). Honestly, we didn't want to find anything just have fun. But at the end, Dini found her mucho choco (a super large bar of chocolate crispy) and me found my baguette. Tres bon!
p.s. : Sssttt.. they give 50% discount to every fresh breads from 7 pm until it closed. I guarantee you'll like it, quickly grab!

Location :
R&B Grill Indoguna meatshop & grocery store
Jl. R.W Monginsidi No.37, Yogyakarta, DIY

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