Welkom in Toko Oen Restaurant

Welkom in Malang, Toko “Oen” Die Sinds 1930 Aan De, Gasten Gezelligheid Geeft', was written immediately greeted us upon entering this vintage restaurant. The atmosphere of the Dutch colonial era are still attached at this restaurant since its inception in 1930.Green and ivory white old wicker chairs that surround the round table, black and white photographs that depict the atmosphere of Malang City in the past, old postcards, texts in Dutch, was treated so describe this restaurant as the past glory of the Netherlands. Someone said this place is always filled with foreign tourists because this restaurant is a place of their childhood nostalgia. Not only building still looks ancient, and still retain its authenticity waitresses wearing colonial-style dress with a white cap fitted jacket with a black cap.
So we ate our lunch, and closed with Cassata, a piece of delicious ice cream in four flavors. Ice cream is a mainstay menu of this restaurant, but there's another dish that they offer, such as steak, European food, Oriental food, Indonesian food and various types of cake. But sorry, I was too hungry to take those photos of food that we eat. :9
Honestly, nothing special with the food, but atmosphere! Being in the restaurant that still remains since 82 years ago.
Toke Oen Restaurant
Jalan Basuki Rahmat 5, Malang - East Java

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