Getting Lost in A Lover's Eyes

   So as I said before, in this post we will bring you to discover the city of Venice like a local, like a Venetian. How? By getting lost. Venice, unlike most other cities, gets better as you get lost-er. By getting lost, you can see Venice and its people through the day. And because Venice is both relatively small and almost always crowded, getting lost can be a little more challenging than you might expect. But wait, it's not because I'm blind of direction, I'm sure you will find that "getting lost in Venice” tends to be the top tips offered by any Italy travel guides.   
   Then at the beginning of the day we found a famous traditional fish market, Mercato del Pesce. This market is located along the Grand Canal just behind the Rialto bridge. The best time to visit this market is very early in the morning or before the lunch because this market will be closed after lunch hour. There was one interesting thing that I got in this market, Venetians are set about their daily lives and the merchants don't mind the inquisitive visitor with a camera although the market is crowded by tourist.
   And we spent the rest of the day by visiting a souvenir shop to another shop, walking from one pedestrian alley to another alleys, discovering one canal to another canals. Ignore the map, ignore the clock, ignore the crowds, ignore the tourists and ignore the guidebooks. Let ourselves getting lost among Venice's romantic, labyrinthine streets and canals.
   I’m talking about getting lost in Venice, like you’d get lost in a lover’s eyes. I’m talking about the kind of lost where you might forget your name and not only not care but actually be totally okay with that..


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