RE! cafe

That day was raining very heavily outside and we decided to enjoy some foods at cafe. And this is it, Re! cafe. So why did we choose this cafe? First, the cafe is strategically near to our dorm, and we didn't want spend more time outside in the raining condition like this. Second, this cafe was the new cafe, every time we passed it, the cafe always seem so unique from the street with its red-bright-ad plank and always stealing our attention.

The cafe has two floor. In the first floor you will find a little kitchen in the corner with variety of Western food, cookies and cupcakes that are very tempting your appetite. Oh it's so stressful to picked up and chose the foods offered on the table. So after the long and complicated consideration, I chose to eat American Risoles and Apple Crumble for Dini :p Also Apple-tomato Juice and a cup of Maroccan Tea. There's also dining table at the first floor but we chose to go to second floor.

At the second floor there were sofa and dining tables, and also (the most I like) a very comfortable bean sack! Several minutes later, our sparkling food came. Took some picture of them then ate hard.

The foods was totally delicious and the service was good. We promised to come back for grab the pasta! Oh ya, if you come here, don't forget to buy the Almond Cookies. It's very addictive of course.

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