Ahmedabad - India I

What are you thinking about a country named India? Bolywood? People dancing? Inspektur Vijay? If you think so, yeah, so do I.
24 January 2011, Mumbai, where I step foot for the first time and will remain there -Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Gujarat- for several days. India, is a place where people with different beliefs and different ways of worship can live with. A place where many unique and marvelous temples, ashrams, majestic buildings and roads, and also some slumdog areas fused. For as far as I could see, there were girls dressed in colorful saree with dozen bracelets in their hands and feet passing in and out of the house of worship. Also men with their collared shirt that was tucked in their pants. Indian music and songs heard from the green-yellow “auto rickshaw” (public transportation) combined with worship chants from the temples along the road. And for me, India was a place where I met a new guys that become friends, then become brothers.
So, What am I thinking about a country named Indian? That's more than just about bollywood and people dancing. More.
Then guys, are you ready for take around? Come on, pack your bag and let's auto rickshaw take you around our travel-photography blog. Acha acha?

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