Where Were We?

My goodness, It’s already September! It’s been…

Well a while since our last post and I think it’s the right time to update this blog again. We really miss the excitement of editing photos and telling little story behind it. It’s usually takes me about 3 hours – 4 hours to write a good post (I’m an amateur at taking pictures and writing obviously). And for the last two months we have been pretty occupied and did not have much time to stand in front of the laptop concentrating for that much time.

So the big questions, where were we? Where we have been?

We went to Europe for the last couple of months. We had a clinical exchange and it was the best summer of my life! Well, the clinical exchange was only for a month but we traveled to different places before and after. I went to Netherland to visit my uncle for two weeks and then went to Poitiers, France for my clerkship. And Mikha went to lots of places for three weeks and then went to Tarragona, Catalonia for his clerkship. So in summary,we worked every day at the hospital in surgery department for a month. Personally I had the best time there. Met interesting people, learned their culture, cooked my own meal, party, made friends, observed many operations, listened to folk music, tried new things, ate the specialties, more parties, and now looking at things from a different perspective.

This time around we’re going to take you along the trip. So our next posts will be hundreds of photos about it. And please be prepared! In other news, we came up with new ideas and design for the blog. But there’s an exam coming so you won’t be seeing it until the end of September or so.

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